Strategic Communications


Behind every successful communications initiative is great content and a smart strategy informed by careful research. That’s nothing new.


What’s changed is how we make the message resonate. When a shrinking media universe makes it tougher than ever to get noticed.


But nearly every day another social platform emerges. Which means a new channel for B2B clients to deliver their message directly to those they need to impress. Alternative routes to build mind and market share. Affordable ways to stand out.


Inspired by the myriad distribution channels, many clients have become their own “media company”. And they’re tapping Genuity for strategy, expertise, and meaningful content to shape high-impact communications programs like this:


  • Technology positioning, market message development and global branding

  • Corporate and product launches

  • Issues management, litigations communications, turnaround and crisis-containment strategies

  • Messaging strategies and outreach for major announcements

  • Investor relations and M&A communications

  • Employee and customer communications

  • Grassroots advocacy and community building through social media campaigns

  • Corporate social responsibility and community relations