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About Genuity


Genuity is a Silicon Valley-based communications consulting firm. We blend technology fluency and international business acumen to create smart communications strategies that drive market recognition and growth for science-based startups, and gain influence for their entrepreneurial founders.


We’re entrepreneurs. Just like our clients. We refined our skills in the Agency and corporate worlds, but were irresistibly drawn to start-ups. Not surprisingly, we discovered that the “one-size-fits all” Agency approach wasn’t compatible with the business models or budgets of early stage companies. So, taking our cue from our start-up clients, we created a new Up-Start service approach. A lean, virtual model, structured to provide relevant, pragmatic, fast-paced and affordable strategic and executive leadership communications services.


Our approach is every bit as audacious as our clients' innovation. We’re inventive, entrepreneurial and intuitive. And we infuse every communications initiative with global business smarts and creative flair.

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