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Our Team


The Genuity team is well-connected and respected by technology executives, VCs, media and analysts. We’re

passionate about complex technology and inspired by the brilliant brains and determined spirits that carry the spark of a technology idea to a production reality. Each Genuity expert—from corporate strategists, writers, and branding practitioners, to press and social media experts—brings specialized insights and intellectual capital to every project.


Combined, we bring decades of experience in the nano-electronics and adjacent industries.


Jane Evans-Ryan


Genuity Principal, Jane Evans-Ryan, leads the team, leveraging two decades of strategic communications experience in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Her special expertise is developing strategic content and staging the delivery of important technology stories. Worldwide. With a flair for revealing the promise of disruptive science-based technologies, she has put countless start-ups on global market maps, helping entrepreneurial teams build enduring companies, or exit through acquisition or IPO.

A native of Dublin, Ireland, Jane holds a BA degree in English Literature with Magna Cum Laude honors from Santa Clara University in California.

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