Jane’s special expertise is driving targeted business outcomes for science-based tech startups operating in complex global supply chains. From high-impact market debuts to lucrative exits, her keen strategic instincts, deep industry knowledge and flair for novel communications approaches have made her an invaluable partner to select MIG Fonds portfolio companies at key points in their lifecycle. She’s an astute, informed and engaging international communications executive. And she delivers. Every time. 

Axel Thierauf, PhD., Partner, MIG Fonds

 Frankfurt, Germany

Some people invent technologies; others turn inventions into narratives that support business imperatives like fund-raising. Jane falls into the latter category. She stepped into the OLED world at Kateeva where she helped the founder team develop an enduring growth-focused positioning strategy for its products. A skilled communications strategist, she helped shape Kateeva’s early market messages that supported the company’s rise from start-up to a leading provider of inkjet printing equipment used to manufacture OLED displays.

 Steven Van Slyke, Co-inventor of the OLED device

CTO Emeritus, Kateeva

Few communications professionals turn complex technology ideas into “value” stories more effectively than Jane. That’s why tech executives enlist her help when they’re fund-raising, contemplating an IPO or positioning for acquisition. She’s keenly in tune with the priorities of the financial community, and brings intellectual capital, focus and discipline to every communications initiative. Over time, the venture-backed companies she’s worked with have collectively raised more than several billion dollars. Several went public, while others found lucrative exits through acquisition.

~  Joseph R. Bronson, Former Chief Financial Officer,

Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California

Jane has an extraordinary ability to understand the essence of a company and/or technology, and strategically position the value story for diverse audiences. She has done this for semiconductor, cleantech and biotech companies, where she helps CEOs expertly package and deliver their market messages. She is well connected and always a pleasure to work with.

~ Sass Somekh, PhD, Co-founder, Musea Ventures
Former Executive VP, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California

Genuity has delivered outstanding professional service in corporate communications, as well as global public and analyst relations to AMEC. Jane’s expertise helped us establish a strong market position and a very positive corporate image in the global semiconductor industry. I highly recommend Genuity’s services to companies in the high-tech sector.

~ Gerald Yin, PhD., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc., Shanghai, China

Jane has a unique ability to simplify and accurately target complex technical, PR, marketing and financial messages to achieve the maximum desired impact on her clients’ target audience. She is a pleasure to work with and ensures that at the end of every project, her clients always own the resulting communication product and can continue to work with it on their own if needed.

~ Lavi Lev, President & Chief Executive Officer
Credence Systems Corporation, San Jose, California



Genuity is an essential player with our portfolio companies when it comes to “mission-critical” communications.  Jane Evans-Ryan’s level of professionalism consistently raises the bar.  Her calm, effective and timely communications expertise offers to companies a holistic toolbox for dealing with and delivering messages of change.

~ Philip Hodges, General Partner
Redmont Venture Partners, Birmingham, Alabama

Genuity has provided unrivaled service to EI and our clients. Jane and her team have been invaluable to us in planning our strategy and fully executing on agreed plans. This has resulted in increased exposure for us and our clients and excellent introductions to key decision makers across the U.S.  I cannot recommend her drive, commitment and professionalism enough.

~ David Smith, Senior Vice President
Enterprise Ireland, Palo Alto, California

Jane has helped us position our company and strengthen our message. We have generated tremendous awareness at the local, industry and international level all while working to a tight budget. I highly recommend Jane and her team if you need to make a big impression with a small budget.

~ Tony McGettigan, Chief Executive Officer
Luxim Corp., Sunnyvale, California



Some public relations firms give you press releases. Genuity gives you story ideas. I always take Jane’s calls because she understands how to make a seemingly dry technology more interesting.

~ Michael Kanellos, [former] Editor-in-Chief
Greentech Media, San Francisco, California



Jane is a shrewd communications strategist with strong entrepreneurial flair. She quickly comprehends the value in complex technologies, and effectively messages the relevance and potential to investors and customers. Her range is broad – from inspiring start-up executives to think big, to skillfully crafting messages of change for Fortune 500 CEOs. Her passion for promoting inventive ideas is contagious – which makes her an asset to any team.

~ Alain Harrus, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, Kateeva;

Former Partner, Crosslink Capital, San Francisco
Former CTO, Novellus Systems, San Jose, California