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Our Model


We call ourselves new-generation communications practitioners. This simply means that we cast aside the traditional, one-size-fits-all Agency model in favor of a collective of experts who work fluidly and virtually on an “as-needed” basis.


  • We think and act like a start-up: We cut the fat from the old PR model by assembling a global community of “virtual” experts. This makes us lean, productive, sharp and nimble.


  • We’re project-based & highly focused: Commanding pricey retainers is not our style. And you’ll never find us doing “busywork” to justify a fee. Our forte is charting clever, fast-paced, targeted and affordable communications projects that support business imperatives and deliver tangible value


  • We’re global & scalable: Our clients are located in the U.S., Europe & Asia. We’re ready to mobilize with a well-rounded team when you need us.  And we implement campaigns globally.


When we sign off on a project, we don’t count press clips to measure success. We’re much more interested in scoring hits that might crack open an elusive market, persuade a customer to engage, secure new funding, or move a client closer to profitable exit.

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