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Our Niche


We're inspired by the brilliant brains and entrepreneurial spirit found in deep tech startups, so we gravitate naturally toward this client profile.  Over time, we've built special expertise in nano-electronics, particularly technologies within the semiconductor and display spaces.


Big or small, though, our clients mirror the diversity, energy and passion of our team.


Some are revolutionizing how integrated circuits are made -- giving extraordinary stretch to product design innovation.  Others are pioneering breakthroughs in clean technologies like solar, efficient lighting, and energy storage.  Still more are defying the laws of physics to take new nano-materials out of labs and into applications that reduce carbon emissions and enrich lives.


All share these common attributes: they invent, create, are passionate about igniting progress and committed to affecting positive change.


Not surprisingly, we love working with them, and we thrive on their success. 


Here are just some of the companies we've worked with over the years:

















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